Monday, July 17, 2006

System of Government

"Funny System of government ... some tart distributing swords..." Communist Peasant from Monty Pythons the holy grail.

Well here she is the lady of the lake... As usual I'm having trouble with the eyes noes and mouth... so I just cover up most of the face with a lot of hair. Never tried water before. Used the liquify modification under the image menu in photoshop.


Again I had my friend next door upload the image to wiki-pedia. Its difficult to contribute there. Anyone can use this image for waht ever, its in the public domain.

Sword in the Stone

Pretty simple to overlay a rock, once you have the sword. By the way all the work I post here is in the public domain and anyone can do whatever they like. That includes selling it, whatever... no restrictions. That means you too. Use it on a school paper, website you name it. Its your's and everyones.

I'd like some credit, but its not necessary.

Wiki-Pedia Caledfwlch
Sword in Stone

Fun with Swords

Swords, Rings and metallic objects seem to be very easy to do. Here is one I did for wiki-pedia, its excalibur of course.

Go away "F" artist!!
Blocked accounts... Its an artistic award of a differnt sort..

My artwork is not that bad, but they keep deleting my work and blocking my posts. I thought they could use a few sketches. So far this one has been accepted. Have to use a friend next door to make a post.

Oh, I'm not going away. I'll get some feedback from the critics even if it kills them or makes them eat their feet!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Filter Noise and fade image

Add a noise filter and fade the image... Now it looks somewhat like a sketch. We will use similiar techniques to enhance our mspaint image with ms edit to make it look more natural.

Filter Frame and Clean

We now place the image back in its original frame, and remove the extra back ground. The final step is to fade the image and add some noise to make it look less realistic.

Personally I think filters are great, but by themselves they don't really do much.

A note on photo shop filters

Lets stop for a moment and talk about photoshop filters. I used ms edit and mspaint for Kates image. and I'll show you how you can do the same.

But for now lets look at what photoshop can do. It offers far more than the simple ms paint and ms edit programs.

To the left I have taken the original photo, applied a dry brush filter, a cross hatch sketch filter and a wave pattern. Next, I'll work with the brightness contrast and remove any extra off tones.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Adding More Hair

Not to get too far off topic, but adding hair is just alternating the shades and drawing wavy lines at an angle.

This is just a short digression and an example of how to make hair. I did not record this step by step when I added Kates hair but you'll be better able to see the individual lines in her hair, when you look at the finished sketch now.

Setting the boundaries

One may notice some extra pixels in these reference pics, each time an image is saved as a .jpg we seem to pick up extra pixels as artifacts.

To set some basic boundaries select the circle tool with dark grey and click the small circles to the left.

I forgot to mention that I created the reference lines with the ms paint line tool... and that I created a custom light grey color to go with it.

Reference lines

Some people are put off by how exact (or in my case how in-exact) your art is. I usually like to wing it, and not use a reference to measure exactness. But Kate was different. The photographer could not have made a better refrence model if he or she tried.

Notice how both of Kate's eyes are perfectly level. Fantastic! This was the first time I actually decided to use the reference guides to make sure my drawing lined up with the photo.

I'll show you in a moment how you work around the refrence lines so they dont show up in your art work. Note: this is not a problem in photoshop because you have the concept of layers... kind of like a tranparent sheet you can show or hide.

I'm using ms paint so that anyone with Windows or an OS with a similiar program can follow along.

Kates New Nose

Kate is looking better with more attention to detail, she is starting to look more like herself.

Next we will work on the mouth, and eyes.

(note: click the images to see a full size image)

The full size image will show each default ms pixel color... a clear indication of each pixel shows the artwork is original, you will notice subtle variations in shade (not ms default) only where I have just added them in the nose. (There are only 4 default shades I'm using in ms paint: black, white, dark grey, and light grey )

Kates Nostril

If the eyes noes and mouth define the face, then the bridge of the noes and the nostril, make the noes. Using shades of grey and white, I do my best to make Kates nostril.

Kates Noes - Work in Progress

Pixel by Pixel I color in the darker areas. Kate has a nice noes, and the less of my mess the better, so I shy away from extending the shadow any further than it needs to go.

MS Paint- Not So Bad

Most people don't know it, but one is not limited to the colors provided with ms paint. Double click any of the colors and you get the dialog box to the left.

For kates nose I needed a lighter grey than what MS paint provides. I double clicked the light grey color and then raised the bar on the right (with the "<" ) to lighten it to the level I wanted.

Kates Noes - From Here

First lets tackle the noes. Its not right, not even with lots of white space. My attempt to use the blank canvas does not help.

The only option... you guessed it... Pixel by pixel. Now, lets get started.

To the left I've blown up the image at 800% and colored out all the other parts of the face that pull my concentration away from the noes. To the right I have my first attempt.

Kate - Ouch... working on it

Here is an early attempt. Most of the work needs to be done in the eyes mouth and noes. I'll upload a more detailed image of the hair and the process I used to create it.

The hair is a piece of cake.... the real fun is in all the MS paint pixels.

Done with MS Paint

Yep... This was done with MS Paint and the MS Edit tool that allowed me to lighten the image enough to make it look real. Again my best work is black and white... more white (blank paper) = better drawings for me.

Here is a blow up... I'm adding my initials, trying to work them in as part of the drawing... can you see them? Hint: My initials are BL.

Bonus, can you find all 4?

Dr Kate Robson-Brown

Latest Work Started with this:

And ended with this... not bad eh?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

All Done

The rest was just showing the, hair like the beard, pice o cake, showing the union jack layer, hiding the grey back ground... And using the scale tool. I made drake too wide. Thats it and here he is now:

Even though its not perfect it sort of looks like him, and thast not so bad for a first attempt.

As the artist I release the image and all the rights to it to the public domain. Anyone can do anything they like with it.

Two Eyes

I continued with the other eye and noes. Nothing was harder. I must have colered every pixel you see here at least twice if not three times by hand one at a time. I'm still not happy with it. I guess no one ever is. At some point you just have to move on, like it or not. I think thats why perfectionists are not artists. If they ever are, they only make one or two paintings a year. Sure they are remembered as the masters, but I am no master.

The Eyes

Oh man. The eyes and noes are the hardest. There was notihing to do but go pixel by pixel and say what do I see lighter or darker... does this look right? Painful process one pixel or one line at a time. Used paint brush and pencil tool set at one pixel. Zoomed in as close as I could get.

This is real art. If I did not hear what the art teach said to my wife, art is just seeing. "What do you see? Is this spot right here lighter or darker?" I'd never have gotten it. Its all about one thing at a time. No one can do a whole painting. But anyone can see. Its one pixel at at time. Lighter or darker. I chose between white, grey and brown.

The beard

The beard is easy, I read a tutorial on hair that made a lot of sense. Its just the paint brush with the dotted pattern at 80% alternating with shades of near black grey and brown straight down. I start working on the ears, eyes and noes. This is really what seperates me from what I call a good artist. My wife took and art class and I over heard her teacher say, when it gets hard. Remember (visual) art is nothing more than seeing.

The face

Now comes the hard part. The real drawing commenses. At first I try to airbrush in the basics, and then get some skin color and what I call the "chaotic" nature of skin tone... hard for me really. You can see what a smooth paint or airbrush looks like. It doesn't look right when its perfectly smooth... even if the color is right the chin does not look like real skin at all.

Neck frills

Wasted a lot of time on this. Its the worst part of the sketch in my opinion. I ended up using a texture and a lot of hand air brushing with white at 30%.... never got it right. The filter used to get me 90% there was the note paper filter

The Neck Plate

This was a total blast, Air Brush and layer textures only, paint brush for the outline

The Chest

This was fun, basically used air brush, shape tools and the layer textures.

Then I did my best to draw the chest, neckplate, neck frills and then the head and face.... The result is this.

Not exactly drake, but looks like he might be a relative. Not bad for a first effort of a human face in photo shop

Need a reference of drake

I did a google and found the following image. I chose this particular one because I'm sure its copy righted, and yet and its linked source to a personal website do not list its origin:

The Union Jack

The union jack was fun. First I drew a square. Then I used the tranform tools to slant it, and my 3rd grade coloring skills. Then I used the photo shop wave filter .